Veba Vetted: Baby Travel Essentials in 2024

Veba Vetted: Baby Travel Essentials in 2024

We are dishing out the best baby travel essentials that make your trip so much easier that you simply can’t go without when traveling with a baby.

At Veba, we refuse to gatekeep. Especially when you’re trying to make your way through the long security line and to your gate with a new baby who you know is going to cause more than a few side eyes when you finally make it to your seat on the plane… So, whether you’re having a staycation in town, road tripping, or flying to a far off destination, we are dishing out the best baby travel essentials that make your trip so much easier that you simply can’t go without when traveling with a baby. Ready for the deets? Let’s take off!

Closeup of a breast pump attachment with a mother feeding in the background.

Pump Wipes

Dirty pumps are a no go. When you’re traveling you need a quick and easy solution that can save you from an unsanitary situation. That means you’ll have to bring some really great wipes to tackle the never-ending breast pump parts, breast shields, bottles, pacifiers and all the other items you’re bringing along with ease. But not to worry, Momcozy is here to save the day! Their amazing wipes are baby safe and totally convenient! They’re antibacterial, made with natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals, and no residue. That means no need to find safe water and a sink to rinse either! Plus they’re easy to pull, resealable, and a cinch to store when you’re all done.

Baby looking through white mesh of a travel crib.

Portable Crib

Let’s face it. You’re bound to be exhausted once you get to your hotel or B&B and you're going to want to get every wink of sleep you can get! Of course, any new parent knows that you’re going to need to get your baby straight up snoozing before you can think about shutting your own eyes. Luckily, Baby Björn’s travel crib light is the ideal tool for just that. When you’re ready to crash after a day of excursions it pops up in just one move. It’s made for little ones age 0-3 and comes complete with a super comfy mattress and a travel bag to take it with you anywhere you go. Plus, a see-through mesh lets your baby peek-a-boo at you wherever you are in the room. It’s simple, safe, and super lightweight. We also love that it’s OEKO-TEX-certified and machine washable! What more could you ask for? If you ask us, it’s an absolute must-have for traveling with a baby.

Parents watching their sleeping baby through their phone monitor.

Baby Monitor

Speaking of sleeping... If you're planning to get any for yourself or have some fun in the room while your little one is napping, you bet you're going to need an excellent baby monitor. Of course, Lollipop is exactly what you need and so much more! A smart baby camera that truly does it all. It’s cute, convenient, and has twists to stand on its own or wrap securely around whatever you want it to for that picture-perfect viewing angle. It’s created with non-toxic materials and has an app that sends you alerts when it detects true crying, crossing, and loud noises — so you never have to worry. Not to mention, it is also equipped with extra AI tech functions such as monitoring your baby’s breathing at any time. So rest assured, you can finally fully relax. It’s truly a genius baby travel essential!

Stylish woman standing behind her Doona Car Seat & Stroller combo.

Car Seat & Stroller Combo

Whatever your mode of transportation, trust us Doona is going to make it so. much. easier. Their innovative travel stroller and car seat combo lets you go from taxi to terminal, gate to rental, hotel to restaurant, and public transportation to sightseeing like you’re dancing through it all. With a click of a button the Doona car seat’s wheels pop out to turn into the perfect stroller. To get it in the car, simply switch that latch to pull the wheels back up and secure safely in the latch base that leaves no room for installation error. We LOVE a product that keeps parents happy and babies as safe as can be!

Image of Veba smart baby bottle monitor with a smartphone.

A Smart Bottle Monitor

Ok, real talk. The last thing you’re going to want to do on your vacay is to keep track of the freshness of your breastmilk and/or formula. When you’re sipping fruity drinks by the hotel pool, you can’t be worrying about the temp being too hot for your baby’s bottle or whether or not it’s already been two hours since your little one took a sip. Soooo not relaxing. Plus, with so much going on, distraction is inevitable and mistakes can be costly for your baby’s precious health. This is what makes Veba the most underrated baby travel essential! It’s the only smart baby bottle monitor on the market that tracks and automatically updates milk and formula expiration according to CDC and WHO guidelines. Simply slip the device around any baby bottle, press the button on the Veba’s face to start your clock, and shake the bottle to see it’s freshness.

But of course, that’s not all this powerhouse product does! It detects feedings automatically, plus you can see all the freshness insights and record your baby’s intake in the Veba Baby app. Oh yeah, and it even has a Find My Bottle feature, so you definitely won’t have to worry about leaving your bottle behind when you check out of your room. To get a Veba of your very own, visit

At Veba Baby, we are all about empowering parents with the resources they need to live happier, breathe easier, and give their kiddos everything they deserve. Whether you’re a homebody or a jetsetter, the Veba is a tool that can bring you peace of mind and keep your baby safe and satisfied with the best nutrition possible. We hope you absolutely loved our roundup of Veba Vetted products that are total must-haves for traveling with a baby in 2024. We wish you a safe and happy trip, and of course, bon voyage!


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