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One Less Thing To Worry About Is One Tap Away

Your activity page is here to provide a whole lot of insights into each bottle, including who a bottle is for, and how long they’ll stay fresh!

Here, the Veba tracks everything you want to know and lays it out nice and neatly for you with color coding and convenient countdowns.

Your Family Feeding History, at Your Fingertips

Logging feedings has never been easier. The Veba app keeps track of each bottle’s start time, expiration, your baby’s intake and the time of each feeding for you in your log!

Now, you have a brilliant schedule, organized by child or bottle, date and time of feeding — with insights into ounces too!

Accessing the Help You Need Just Got Simpler

With Veba, there’s no need to loan out your phone! Give other caretakers access to the app too, so they can feed your baby with as much confidence and wisdom as you do!

Simply, let us know who you wish to add to your household and we’ll take care of the rest — a message filled with all they need to know to get started.

The Support You Need Right in Your Pocket

We want to make sure you don’t miss a thing. That’s why we are offering specially tailored tips and milestones to support your parenting journey every coo, crawl, and baby step of the way!

Tell us a little bit about your little one so we can provide nifty tips and inspiring milestones based on your baby’s unique development!

There When You Need It, Every Time

Whether a bottle rolls under the sofa or is hiding somewhere in the fridge, the Veba app has you covered with the find my bottle feature!

Simply, tap the bell icon and your Veba will let out a nice buzz, letting you know just where to find it!

Always in the Know

When you set your notifications and alerts, your Veba will keep you informed when a feeding is logged, the temperature near your device is too high, or an expiration date is coming up!

Let’s Get You Set Up!

No need to be tech savvy, the app will be your guide, every step of the way!

Welcome to a Smarter Way to Feed

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