The Drip: Nicole Butera

The Drip: Nicole Butera

We’re Dropping Pumping & Nursing Wisdom with This Certified Breastfeeding Specialist!

In this month’s issue of The Drip, Nicole Butera, a certified breastfeeding specialist and mom of two boys is spilling her wisdom on overcoming the challenges moms face with breastfeeding, her successful career, fave products, words of encouragement, and more. To connect with Nicole, visit her Instagram handle @themilknest.

Q: As a certified breastfeeding specialist, what do you think is the biggest challenge mothers face when starting on their nursing journey?

A: I find that the biggest challenges a mom faces when starting their nursing journey is pain or wondering if their baby is getting enough. It's important to note that pain may be common in a breastfeeding journey but that never means that it's normal! Even a little. When wondering if a baby is getting enough, some good pointers would be audible swallows or gulps, appearing satisfied after a feeding, and at times baby's fists are relaxed.

Q: You offer a number of breastfeeding courses, sessions and other resources on your website, The Milk Nest. What’s your favorite part of your job?

A: My favorite part of my job is just showing up and learning about The Milk Nest community. I love sharing a little bit about my life plus educational and relatable content on motherhood and lactation. I also like learning about new gadgets in the lactation space! Make Veba one of my new favorite finds!

Q: Judging by your glowing reviews, you seem to be very knowledgeable on all things breastfeeding. In your opinion, what do you do differently from other breastfeeding coaches out there?

A: There are many knowledgeable lactation professionals out there that I have learned so much from. I wouldn't say it is necessarily "what makes me different" but I do love talking about nursing and pumping. This is rooted from my personal experiences with EP'ing [exclusively pumping] with my firstborn and mainly nursing my 2nd baby. Combining both, I have really loved educating both subjects on my platforms.

Q: Are there any new products on the market that you’d recommend to mothers facing breastfeeding challenges?

A: When it comes to facing breastfeeding challenges, my biggest recommendation is not a product but a service. Most importantly, a lactation service from a skilled lactation professional! Getting professional support tailored to you and your situation can go such a long way and even leave a mom with increased confidence and an action plan. My favorite words to hear after a consult are "Thank you so much, I feel a lot better."

Q: Many new mothers are balancing motherhood with a full-time job. Any tips for on-the-go mamas?

A: I had to go back to work as well. It is not easy and I commend so many mothers who do it. For being on the go, it may be of benefit to look into a portable or wearable pump as long as supply is good. This allows for on the go use. Another big one is using breast pump wipes so you can clean your parts as you go! They now make breast milk chillers as well which I find can be very convenient, but a little cooler with an ice pack can work too! Overall know that you are doing amazing as breastfeeding can feel like another job within itself!

Q: If there’s one piece of encouragement you could give to new and expecting mothers out there, what would it be?

A: My best breastfeeding advice is something I heard that changed my perspective: "Don't give up on a bad day." This way you are not making a sudden choice in a moment of uncertainty while feeling overwhelmed. Making decisions on days where you feel at ease are more likely to be peaceful versus rash decisions.

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