Peace of mind that every bottle is fresh, anytime, anywhere.

Introducing Veba. A smart baby bottle
monitor that tracks breast milk and
formula expiration.

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How Veba Works


Prepare breast milk or formula
and slide Veba onto bottle.
Press button to begin tracking expiration time. Receive expiration alerts and view the status of all bottles in the app!


Veba monitors ambient temperature and adjusts expiration time automatically.
Device detects feedings and logs it in the Veba Baby app!


Shake to instantly see
the status of the milk!

Peace of mind knowing your baby's milk is fresh and nutritious.

Breast milk and formula decrease in nutritional value and grow harmful bacteria when they have been left out for too long. High temperatures also cause proteins to break down. Veba monitors expiration using World Health Organization and Center for Disease Control guidelines.

What happens when a baby drinks expired milk?

Frequent spitting up or vomiting


Severe Infection

Why Fresh Milk Matters >

Advanced features do all the tracking for you.

Expiration Tracking + Alerts

Detects + Logs Feedings

Temperature Monitoring

Shake to See Freshness

Find My Bottle

Track Multiple Bottles

Instantly see bottle status with a quick shake.

Always know that your baby is drinking enough.

Veba detects when your little one is drinking from the bottle. The expiration time is automatically updated on leftover milk and ounces can be logged to ensure that your baby is drinking enough.

Flex Strap

Fits all bottle sizes

Long Battery Life

Over a week without recharging


Easy to clean and BPA safe