The World's First Smart Bottle Monitor

Automatically track the expiration of breast milk and formula - and ensure your baby is getting the best nutrition possible.

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Peace of Mind, So You Can Focus on What Really Matters

When you know baby is always getting the best nutrition possible, you can put your time and energy where it truly belongs — your kids.

Feed Them Fresh. Feed Them Right.

Expired breast milk or formula can result in the growth of bacteria and the breaking down of essential proteins, which can be detrimental to our precious babies.

To keep our infants growing and developing in the healthiest way possible, they need the best nutrition possible — and that means breast milk and formula in its freshest form.

So what impacts milk expiration?

Elapsed Time



What happens when a baby drinks spoiled breast milk or formula?

Frequent Spitting
up or Vomitting


Severe Infection

The Benefits of Veba for You & Your Baby

The Smartest Bottle Accessory, Ever

Veba constantly adjusts the expiration date of breast milk or formula, based on when it was produced, your most recent feeding, plus the ambient temperature around the bottle.

A Smart App for a Smarter Way to Feed

The Veba Baby app allows you to:

  • Locate missing bottles using a Find My Bottle feature
  • Log the volume of each feeding
  • Get automatic updates when expiration dates are approaching
  • Check the status of multiple bottles
  • And more!

Veba Love

“As a mom that is an under supplier, it means a lot to not have to worry about losing track of a bottle I just pumped. I bring my Veba to work and use it on bottles I pump at the office. It's nice to easily know how long I have left on all my bottles in the fridge. So helpful to new moms, especially those that can’t sacrifice their breast milk. And I can't tell you how many times I've used the Find my Bottle feature!”


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The Drip: Nicole Morales

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The Drip: Kelly Toledano