Product Use

Veba's flexible band design fits all bottle sizes enabling it to monitor your bottle regardless of the brand you choose for baby.

Yes, Veba is built on World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for breast milk and formula.

Users can expect Veba to last over a week without requiring a charge.

The current version of Veba only supports the ability for one user to connect at a time, please stay tuned for updates to this feature in future versions.

Yes, Veba is waterproof, easy to clean and BPA free.

No, the Veba app is free for download in the Apple and Google Play Store.

Milk Management

The mixture of baby’s saliva with breast milk or formula accelerates bacterial growth in the bottle. Leftover milk should be used within 2 hours of feeding.

Baby can experience frequent spitting up or vomiting, fever, or severe infection.

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