A woman giving her pregnant friend a Mother’s Day gift.

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms

Whether you’re looking for a little something for a new mom or the perfect  mom-to-be mother’s day gifts, we’ve got the best mother’s day gift ideas!
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Let’s admit it. Moms are superheroes! But it can be tough to show her just how much you truly appreciate everything she has done (and continues to do) for you and your family. So, when it comes to the gifts for new moms on mother’s day, we know you want to shower her with meaningful and unique presents that will keep her smiling all year long. So, forget the fancy new vacuum and save the handbag for another holiday. We’re revealing what new moms and moms-to-be actually want. And if you are a mama yourself, you can use these mother’s day gift ideas to start dropping hints!

Veba smart bottle monitor around a bottle.

The Overall Best Mother’s Day Gift

New mamas have enough things to worry about! So, let’s take away a big one: stressful bottle feeding. Out with keeping track of the ever-expiring baby bottles with endless spreadsheets and cumbersome sticky notes. In with fun and rewarding feedings that allow her the opportunity to stay present and truly connect with her baby. How? The Veba smart bottle monitor. It’s the first and only tech that tracks breastmilk and formula freshness in real time according to government agency guidelines. It comes with built-in sensors that automatically adjust the expiration based on time, temperature changes, and feedings. Not only that, but it also helps parents record their baby’s intake to make sure that they’re always getting enough. It offers peace of mind for mom and the best nutrition possible for her baby making this pick the best mother’s day gift of all.

Veba Baby gift set presents for Mother’s Day.

Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Boxes

Let’s take the best mother’s day gift and make it even more special! We’re convinced that the Hello World Gift Set is the ideal mom-to-be mother’s day gift. It’s a super cute and way-too-sweet box filled with goodies like a teething baby rattle toy, a baby blanket, a pair of knitted newborn baby shoes, a pacifier holder, a wooden birth announcement plate, and even a Veba! It’s got all the little things she needs to get excited for the new little one on the way. Ok, but what if you need something for the new super mom in your life who is trying to do it all? We recommend our Shark Tank Bundle Gift Set. It comes with not one but two Vebas and three super fun stickers sets so she can pump like a powerhouse and get back to doing all of the things she loves instead of worrying about whether her baby is getting the best nutrition possible. With this gift set, she’ll know for sure!

Mother’s Day Sticker Sets from Veba Baby.

The Funniest Mother’s Day Gifts

If you have a new mama with a colorful personality and a sense of humor on your hands, you’re going to want a gift that matches her energy. The Veba sticker set is made to inspire, empower, and get the new mom in your life feeling proud! Turn it into a personalized mother’s day gift by choosing either the Breastfeeding and Pumping Moms Sticker Set or the Baby Barista Formula Feeders Sticker Set so she feels seen and heard.

Pregnant woman on a virtual video call with a doula.

The Most Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts

What could be more meaningful than helping the mom in your life relieve some of the worries, concerns, or struggles she has expressed about motherhood? It might sound like a hefty promise, but not to worry we can deliver… For the most meaningful mother’s day gift look no further than a consultation with an expert! Might we suggest one of the incredible women on the Veba Baby advisory board? Book a virtual consultation with Dreamland Sleep Solutions’ pediatric sleep specialist, newborn care specialist, and postpartum Doula, Nicole Morales. Or, get the information and advice she needs when you book a consultation with Latch of Love’s certified breastfeeding specialist Kelly Toledano Potts. One of these lovely ladies can help the new mom in your life get all of her questions answered and make life better for both her and her baby.

At Veba Baby, our mission is to offer new parents the resources they need to have a peace of mind when feeding their babies and offer them the best quality nutrition. We hope you found the perfect mother’s day gifts from our list to make it her best one yet! Head on over to our product page to shop Veba Baby products, or browse more of our tips on our blog, The Sip!

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