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All About Postpartum Mental Health

For many new parents, the emotions after having a baby can be tough to manage.

Mama, we know your whole world has just been (or is about to be) turned upside down! We’re talking about those rewarding days after postpartum — the most exciting yet challenging time in a new parent’s life. While the most precious gift of your life will have just arrived, it is natural that you will feel an absolute whirlwind of emotions — both good and bad. And as a result, you’re going to need some tried and tested tips from the other mamas along the way that have been through it. So, we’re sharing our best knowledge on how to prioritize new mom mental health, get the support you need, and one of the must-have postpartum essentials to keep with you along the way…

Young mother doing skin-to-skin contact with her baby.


Pretty soon, your pre-birth routines are going to seem like a distant memory. That means you have an exciting opportunity to forge your new schedule as a mom. All of these changes, lack of sleep, and total home upheaval can certainly take their toll, compounding negative emotions. One of the best ways we have found to get through it is to make sure your new routines take into account your needs as well as your baby’s. Pumping while doing gentle postpartum exercise perhaps? Or meditating while enjoying skin to skin contact with your infant? We recommend making a list of ways you want to practice self-care and building them into your life in a way that works for you.

Expecting mother being consoled by her husband.


We know you’re a boss babe, but you simply can’t go through it all without a trusted team behind you. Luckily, motherhood comes with built-in postpartum mental health support. That’s right! From partners, family, and friends to doctors, doula, and other postnatal experts, you have the opportunity to curate a devoted inner circle to get you through even the most challenging emotions and trying times. So, before you give birth, or soon after, be sure to consider who you will call on when you need a friendly face or some really good advice. And please, please never be afraid to ask for help. Trust us, however you are feeling, you aren’t the first mom to feel that way. What you’re going through is never easy and you need and deserve all the love and support you can get!

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Support doesn't stop at the people in your life! It also comes in the form of a few trusted postpartum essentials that seamlessly help you navigate the challenges of motherhood. That means some much needed extra time and peace of mind. You can always rely on the Veba smart baby bottle monitor. As the first and only dedicated tool to track breastmilk and formula freshness in real time (according to trusted government agency guidelines we might add), this tiny but mighty device gives you one less thing to worry about. Its built-in sensors automatically adjust expiration based on time, temperature changes, and feedings. The accompanying app also helps parents record their baby’s intake to ensure the best nutrition possible. So, we hope it helps you take the stress out of feeding your baby so you can use that energy to simply enjoy the happy moments when you’ve got them!

At Veba Baby, our mission is to support new moms with the best resources to offer them peace of mind and their baby the highest quality nutrition possible. We hope these tips on how to prioritize new mom mental health helped you start thinking about ways you can put yourself first in order to be the best you for your baby! Get started by shopping Veba Baby products, or look for more tips on our blog, The Sip!

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