Let’s Get You Set Up!

No need to be tech savvy, the app will be your guide, every step of the way!

Step 1

Connect Your Veba

Simply tap to add your Veba, enable bluetooth and hold your phone closeby. Then, let the two pair up — for a match made in heaven!

Step 2

Get Set for Success

In settings, you can set your preferred notifications, add additional devices, and more!

Step 3

Tap on the Tutorial

Here’s Where You Can Get to Know Your Veba…

Step 4

Make Yourself at Home…

Welcome to a dedicated place for your caregiving team, where your Veba helps you and your household keep track of feedings, plus breastmilk and formula freshness!

Tell us who you want in your circle of support and we will send them a message with everything they need to know to join you.

Enjoy The Smarter Way to Feed

Download the app on Google play or the App Store today!