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The Drip: Nicole Butera

The Drip: Nicole Butera

We’re Dropping Pumping & Nursing Wisdom with This Certified Breastfeeding Specialist!
Our Emotional Journey to Shark Tank

Our Emotional Journey to Shark Tank

Read on to learn about our experience on Shark Tank season 15, how it all started, the ripple of emotions, and how it turned out (no spoilers)!
Image of beautiful mother laughing next to her newborn baby.

Top Baby Names for 2024

What are the top baby names for 2024? Let’s talk about our fave popular, unique, meaningful, and celebrity baby names for your little one.
Person’s hands cleaning baby bottles in the kitchen.

Baby Bottle Cleaning & Sanitizing Tips from the Experts

We're talking about all things cleaning baby bottles and how to sanitize baby bottles according to the latest, most trusted information from the CDC
Closeup of a father’s hand holding a newborn’s hand.

Bonding Tips for Non-Breastfeeding Moms (And Dads Too!)

If you’re a non-breastfeeding partner, have a health concern, or prefer to bottle feed, here are ways to bond with your baby without breastfeeding.
New mom laying in bed, holding her newborn and her phone.

Tracking Tips to Make Sure Your Breast Milk & Formula Stay Fresh

Read on for our top tips, tried and tested, for avoiding expired breast milk and keeping formula expiration dates from passing you by unnoticed.
Image of Veba Baby Smart Bottle Monitor with Young Newborn Baby.

7 Must-Have Newborn Accessories You Need to Know About in 2024

Whether you have breastfeeding issues or can’t get your little one to sleep, here's the must-have newborn accessories you need to know about in 2024.
Breastmilk Storage Guidelines, According to the Experts

Breastmilk Storage Guidelines, According to the Experts

What are the best breastmilk storage guidelines? Read this for all the information you need on breastmilk storage according to CDC guidelines.
Mother holding her recently pumped breast milk in a baby bottle.

How Long Does Breast Milk Last? The Veba Guide to Freshness

How long does breast milk last? Read this for all the information you need on breast milk freshness in the fridge, freezer, thawed, and on the go.