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Veba Vetted: Best Baby Tech for Parents’ Peace of Mind

Looking for the coolest baby tech and the best baby tracking apps for your peace of mind? Read on for our monthly roundup of the best baby products.
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New parents know. Any innovative tech that can make your life easier and bring you peace of mind about the health and safety of your little one is more than welcome. So, to help you sort through the seemingly endless sea of baby gadgets out there to lock down the must-haves and the can't live withouts — we’ve carefully crafted this round-up with our absolute favorite baby technology and the best baby tracking apps. Keep reading to make your caregiving, and your nursery, a whole lot smarter!

Image of Veba smart baby bottle monitor.

Veba Smart Bottle Monitor & App

Using spreadsheets and sticky notes to keep track of breastmilk and formula expiration is soooo last decade. These days, there is elite baby tech to make sure you never have to worry about if your baby’s bottle has been sitting out too long or if it was too warm today to stay fresh. That’s why the Veba is the ideal tool for feeding and is accompanied by the best baby tracking app in the game. It’s the first of its kind and the only smart baby bottle monitor on the market to automatically update breast milk and formula expiration according to CDC and WHO guidelines. Here’s what else it can do for you…

  • Automatically tracks and adjusts expiration
  • Detects feedings automatically
  • Record baby’s intake and see freshness insights in the app
  • Ping a missing bottle
  • And so much more!
Baby laying in a crib, parents putting on a sock on his right foot.

Owlet Dream Sock

When it comes to sleep there are a few baby gadgets that you absolutely need. First up is a first-of-its-kind FDA-cleared smart baby monitor. The Owlet Dream Sock® slips right on your baby’s foot to offer insights into their safety with real-time health readings along with notifications when your baby needs your attention. For use with healthy infants between 1-18 months or 6-30 lbs, the dream sock is clinically proven to offer medical-grade accuracy. Here’s what else it’s got going on…

  • Tracks important health metrics such as pulse rate, oxygen, wakings, and sleep trends in real-time using the Owlet Dream App.
  • Sends notifications when your baby’s readings fall outside preset ranges.
  • Records your baby’s historical health readings and trends.
Baby fast asleep on his belly.

Hatch Rest

Step up your baby’s night and naptime routines with the single coolest dream machine out there. The Hatch Rest is a WiFi-controlled sound machine and nightlight combo that also features…

  • A dimmable clock
  • Time-for-Bed cues, Time-to-Rise alarms, and Touch Ring routines
  • A back-up battery

To access the full experience, a Hatch+ subscription allows your baby to enjoy expertly designed audio, lights, additional features as well as personalized tools for improving sleep.

You’re going to love it almost as much as your baby does!

A young infant sleeping in their crib.

Nanit Pro Camera

Need baby technology that meets your needs at every angle? Well, we’re pretty sure the Nanit Pro Camera is exactly what you’re looking for! It’s the single most awarded baby monitor and app combo on the market. It's got a 1080p HD video camera that offers you excellent visuals with an overhead bird’s-eye view while a floor stand, wall mount, or flex stand lets you put it right where you need it. Plus, Nanit’s data gives you insights to support your baby's wellness. Here’s a few more reasons why we love it…

  • Sleep tracking and analytics
  • Sensor-free breathing motion monitoring
  • Notifications when your baby is standing or crying (sound & motion alerts!)
  • Temperature and humidity tracking
  • Manage caregivers that can connect to the monitor
  • Plus, you can manage sound and light controls with the Nanit App
Baby resting in a baby swing.

4moms MamaRoo® Multi-Motion Baby Swing®

How about an innovation in baby technology that gives you back the use of your arms? Here’s just the thing. 4mom’s MamaRoo is the one and only swing that mimics your natural rhythms and motions to offer your baby a familiar place to relax. More than a simple seat, this swing features five motions, five speeds, four sounds and so much more including…

  • A Find Your Roo™ feature in the 4moms app which allows parents to explore the ideal motion and speed combination that most closely matches their own
  • Bluetooth and voice control compatibility, with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Plus, an adorable mobile with three removable balls that your baby can actually hold and play with on or off the swing!

At Veba Baby, our mission is to offer parents the best possible resources to make life easier for you while also making the world a better and safer place for you and your little ones. Whether you’re a tech newbie or a baby gadget aficionado, the Veba is the ideal tool to bring you peace of mind and keep your baby fed with the best nutrition possible. We hope this roundup of Veba Vetted products helps you find the perfect baby tech and the most helpful apps to level up your parenting game and keep your baby safer and happier than ever before! For more tips and the best baby product recommendations, stay tuned for more roundups on our blog The Sip!

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